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The Winter Widow Anne Marie Brear

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Editorial: Anne Marie Brear

Año de publicación: 2024


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York, Yorkshire, England, 1852

When Caroline Lawson becomes a young widow, her grief is deepened by the loss of her farm. A rash decision to travel to York to find work doesn’t turn out as she expected. Alone and vulnerable, she is unprepared for the harshness of the narrow dirty streets. With money running low and work difficult to come by, Caroline fears she will soon have no choice but to knock on the dreaded workhouse door.

However, she is not without hope, and with her new friends, feisty Trixie, and her two little sisters and the unique Mussy, Caroline learns she is stronger than she realised and that even in the worst of times, friendship is all you need.

Only Trixie and Mussy each have their own secrets, ones which will test their newly formed bonds with Caroline.

When tragedy strikes again, and secrets are revealed, Caroline knows she must protect her friends and get them out of the dangerous city to the countryside she loves, but will she find there the happiness she once had? Or has the past destroyed any dreams for a happy future?

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